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Consent and Digital Assets

1. What is the Behavioural Journey Stage 2?

2. Aside from the homepage, what is the MOST used page in the Launchpad campaign?

3. Aside from the homepage, what is the LEAST used page in the Launchpad campaign?

4. What is our Open Rate % of RTE’s (Nov’23 data)?

5. Which orchestra, founded in 1930, was the first permanent salaried orchestra in London?

Coverage and Real Clinical Experience

1. Where should T3 customers sit?

2. ​How many contacts should you have per tertial?

3. How many first line guidelines were changed in November?

4. Is a real clinical experience meeting a high-value channel?

5. What is the expectation of sessions run per region per tertial? More are welcome!

6. By what name are the kettledrums more commonly known?

Educational Meetings

1. How many healthcare professionals have attended a clinical educator session since being active in the field in October 2023?

2. ​Is BeSure approval required for a clinical educator session?

3. Can CKAMs can be present in the room for a clinical educator promotional presentation?

4. From the eye openers and insights screen, how many of these are real insights from previous sessions?

5. After a Clinical Educator/CKAM education session, where should delegates that attended be recorded?

6. Which instrument is the smallest member of the flute family?

Information to Insights

1. What are the two QoF reports HCPs can look at to identify performance against CHOL001 and CHOL002?

2. ​Which cohort from the Manchester search tool should HCPs start with when identifying inclisiran-eligible patients?

3. Which two cohorts should HCPs prioritise after identifying eligible patients via the Manchester Search Tool?

4. What is the national prevalence of ASCVD

5. How many new Inclisiran patients were identified in Framfield House surgery, by requesting up to date lipid profiles?

6. After which planet is Mozarts Symphony No.41 named?

Strategic Account Team

1. Which medicines are the focus for the Strategic Account Team in 2024?

2. If I identify a new opportunity for lipid optimisation at pace and scale, who do I take it to in the first instance?

3. If I want an update on an existing lipid optimisation project who can I ask?

4. Which Leqvio SI are the strategic account team mainly aligned with?

5. What does ‘crescendo’ mean?

Voice of the Customer

1. In what timeframe should you respond to feedback received once a HCP has completed a VoC survey?

2. HCPs will not receive surveys more frequently than:

3. If a HCP does not complete a survey that is sent to them and no feedback is received, you should:

4. To be classed as an appropriate interaction to trigger a survey, the following criteria must be met:

5. A reminder email will be sent to the HCP complete the survey once every:

6. When an earlier part of a song repeats, what is it called?

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